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Wootton Grange Bowls Club is a mixed club, for ladies and men. We currently have over 60 members and run friendly games and league fixtures from April to September.

Our Bowls Green is open 7 days a week. Members can play at any time of day unless there is a friendly or league fixture in play.

Sunday 12th May 1.30-5.30pm

Come along and 'have a go' at bowls
It'll be a fun afternoon with refreshments in the Snug Bar at the Community Centre
ALL ages welcome to try their hand or just sit and watch your friends & family

At Wootton Grange we aim to make the game as accessible as possible for everyone. Sometimes older or disabled bowlers might need a little help.

They may find it difficult to bend down to deliver a bowl correctly so, to help new and experienced bowlers who may fall into this category we can offer the use of a special 'bowling arm' (shown below). It allows bowlers to deliver the bowl from a standing position.

It operates as an extension of the bowler’s arm and has a bowl grip at one end and a handle at the other. The bowler squeezes the handle to release the bowl.

We also have sets of smaller 'coaching' bowls suitable for most ladies and young players.


Membership Fees: 2024
Yearly fees for 2024 are;
Men = £50
Ladies  = £30
Juniors = £15


Special Offer For

New Adult Bowlers

First Year's Full


Just - £20

Join our club today! Or for more information:


We welcome visitors, whether they are experienced or just want to try bowls for the first time - please get in touch via email and the secretary will contact you. But, if you are  passing and the green is occupied, why not just pop in and say "Hello"?
We'd love to meet you. 

Open Day 2024 is scheduled for SUNDAY 12TH MAY from 1.30pm until 5.30pm - come along, meet our friendly team, have some refreshments, a drink from the Snug Bar and just 'have a go' at bowling, we know you'll love it once you've tried it. Everyone welcome from age 2 to 102!

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